Science Riot
Denver Events

Denver Museum of Nature & Science on August 23!

A Magical Night of Science and Comedy

We have nine brand-new, never-before-seen scientists ready to make their comedy debut at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science on August 23! Our new comedians will be tackling topics like “How to Kill a Waterbear,” “Cleavage Rocks!” “Don’t Poke Bears. Really. Don’t do it.” “The Air Hockey Theory of Tsunamis,” and “Sharks.”

Come for the science; stay for the magic! Our host for the evening is the fabulous Professor Phelyx! As a comedic mentalist, he has performed thousands of shows¬†and has appeared on stages all over America and in Europe. Like a good scientist, he credits his success to his “odd collection of skills” and his willingness to try anything.

The show starts at 7:30, doors open at 6:30, with drinks and snacks available at the bar. Get tickets while you can because they’re selling fast! This will be a night of big ideas, big laughs, and hardcore science! Don’t miss it!