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A growing nonprofit wants to find out.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [DENVER, COLORADO] Every few months, audiences crowd into sold-out venues for an evening of brainy entertainment. SCIENCE RIOT is the first organization in the US to train scientists through stand-up comedy. This grassroots effort is seeking crowdfunding support to grow their experimental outreach program from three to eight cities nationwide.

“Our goal is to deepen the bench of talented science communicators, and we include anyone in a STEM-adjacent career field.”

Said Dr. Niki Spahich, Co-Founder and President. “We want to show that scientists aren’t just a bunch of old white dudes wearing lab coats.”

Participating professionals come from a variety of backgrounds undergo a three-week workshop in comedy writing and performance with feedback from professional comedians. This experience culminates with a showcase where each scientist delivers comedy talk to a public audience for their first time ever. The program serves two purposes; engaging audiences from outside academia, and developing new voices for science.

“Everyone demands that scientists make their research more accessible, but they have very few avenues available to learn how.”

Says Co-Founder and Executive Director, Kyle Sanders. “We create a safe place for scientists to have a dialogue with real live humans and find out what works.”

Founded in 2016, SCIENCE RIOT has since trained more than 200 STEM experts and hosts quarterly events at the Denver Museum for Nature and Science, the Space Foundation Headquarters in Colorado Springs, and the Field Museum in Chicago. A successful crowdfunding campaign will enable planned expansions to Atlanta, Birmingham, Cleveland, Nashville, New York, and Pittsburgh as well as a national science-comedy festival.

SCIENCE RIOT is a nonprofit that provides innovative outreach programming for grownups.


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Crowdfunding is live until February 20th, 2019 at