Science Riot


We give scientists a microphone.

Communication workshops for brainy introverts.

Our science communication workshops teach scientists the basics of comedy writing and performance then throw them onstage to deliver a comedy talk to a live audience. Each scientist crafts a 5-10 minute talk about a scientific topic with only three rules; they have to teach something, they have to be funny, and their only tool is a microphone. By the way, we use the term "scientist" in broadest possible terms; we welcome all science-related fields and STEM-adjacent professions (and even some humanities). The end result is like a TED Talk - but funny!

Science for Grownups.

Highlight reel featuring an entire lineup of local experts.

Nothing makes science accessible and entertaining like comedy. Our events draw diverse demographics from outside of the science bubble; especially when compared to Science Cafes and other public lectures. After two years of programming across three cities, nearly all of our events continue to sell out in advance. 

Real Experts. Real Funny.

A sample comedy talk by a participating epidemiologist.