Science Riot

@ Denver Comic Con

The Peer Revue was proud to bring engaging science programming into the exciting lineup of Denver Comic Con, a pop-culture convention with more than 115,000 guests the weekend of June 17th-19th.


The line wrapped around the convention halls.


Science events at comic cons are popular!

Kyle moderated two sessions; The Real Science of Zombies, and What Scientists Have Learned Since Jurassic Park. Each panel featured 3-4 scientists, and were packed to room capacity with 300 convention attendees- with as many as 200 more turned away once the doors were shut!


IMG_20160617_181210The Zombie panel featured Peer Revue co-producer and microbiologist Niki Spahich, and epidemiologists Rachel Zervis and Marigny Klaber – talking about all the fun diseases that cause zombie-like symptoms, and how epidemiologists track and control disease outbreaks.



The Jurassic Park panel featured Peer Revue alumni and Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center paleontologists Anthony Maltese and Jacob Jett, along with Julia McHugh and Matt Mossbrucker.

We had a great time! Without question, pop culture conventions are an untapped opportunity for science outreach.