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Black Lives Matter

We stand with Black Lives Matter and all those protesting for justice.

Our upcoming outreach programs are postponed so as not to distract from more urgent work of antiracism and disassembling white supremacy in this country. The mission of Science Riot has always been to humanize scientists and amplify their voice, especially those who are marginalized and threatened by society as well as by institutions of science.

In 2016, our name played with the theme of empowering scientists to be heard, though none of us anticipated how often we would be marching in protest. The past four years have become an assault on racial equality, international cooperation, enlightenment values, and facts. Please use these resources to learn and take action: Black Lives Matter and 500 Women Scientists.

Both racism and the pandemic are a public health crisis that disproportionally affect communities of color, especially black communities. It is important for organizations and allies to help lift up the voices of those communities and subject matter to be heard.

While we are too angry to laugh right now, we want to use our small platform and communications training to uplift Black voices and allies in preparation for public speaking and media engagements. Let us know if we can help you speak up and speak out.