Science Riot


Don't Panic!

Our science communication syllabus was developed with assistance from University College London, professional comedians, and feedback from hundreds of science professionals like you. Each workshop consists of three lessons that develop your short comedy talk and build confidence in front of normal people. Workshops are designed to maximize your feedback from professional comedians and we also provide a 22 page workbook that walks you through the entire writing process. 

If you're already convinced - you can sign up for our workshops online! You will be added to our waiting list and representatives in your city will follow up ahead of the next workshop. 

Comedy Writing

Our workshops begin with exercises in improv comedy that are designed to break your academic bad habits. The first step in the writing process is to approach your scientific topic from new perspectives; exploring metaphors and similes that can make your topic accessible to a public audience. 

Public Speaking

The second workshop covers the basics of stand-up comedy performance; from microphone technique to stage presence. The goal is to get comfortable having a conversation with the audience and developing your unique voice. 


Before attempting your comedy talk in front of real people you will be able to try out your ideas in a safe space. You will learn to navigate difficult and controversial topics and learn to find the humor in them without undermining the seriousness of your profession. 

You can download or view our Scientist Preview pamphlet below: