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Are you a scientist or a professional in a STEM-adjacent profession? This means that you’re an expert in something, and we want you to tell the audience about the cool things that you know. You’re going to eventually deliver a 5-10 minute talk – we’re here to help punch it up.

You’ve given lectures before, so you already have all the prerequisites for this course. Our science communication workshop will walk you through the entire process from making your talk interesting, then relatable, then funny! We have refined our comedy writing workbook with feedback from over a hundred scientists, and you will get hands instruction and feedback from professional comedians.

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If you just joined an upcoming science riot workshop, we have one piece of advice: Don’t Panic! You’re a professional and you’ve probably given a presentation before which means you are already confident enough to bore an audience to death. Why not make them laugh instead? That’s all we’re going to do here, give a…

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Why Teach Scientists Comedy?

“But why comedy?” I frequently get asked this by puzzled people and they have a point. With Science Riot, I’m advocating something pretty unusual: teaching scientists to be comedians and to use comedy as a tool for public outreach. Only a small portion of scientists do outreach at all and if you still struggle with…